Chinese Medicine
Traditional Herbal Medicine and Gentle Acupuncture


Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a golden thread of China’s history that has developed through the ages whilst maintaining the integrity of its origins. The Traditional Medicine of China is one of the richest traditions of healing arts in the world.

Historians draw an unbroken line of TCM practice back 5000 years, yet others show evidence of the complex system being practiced 2000 years ago. Archeologists show evidence of a systematic therapy practiced 1700 B.C.

Besides its age, today Chinese Medicine is still proving to be a very effective and powerful therapy. Treating a wide array of medical conditions and also offering the patient a preventative approach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has several branches and modalities in one. The most common being Acupuncture, also Chinese Herbs, Oriental Massage (Tui Na), Moxibustion, Diet and Exercise Therapy.





Is the use of extremely fine needles to harmonize and balance the body.  Acupuncture directly influences the immune, nervous and hormonal systems.


Chinese Herbal Medicine


Traditional Chinese herbs can be very effective in treating a wide range of conditions for the whole family.

There are some great herbal combinations that are specific to childrens symptoms, e.g teething, fever, coughs, colds, digestive upsets, bed wetting etc. that are easy to take and very mild to taste.


Now practicing at Cooran and Noosa, I am able to utilize all of these modalities to encompass healing the body mind and spirit in a holistic manner.


Traditional Chinese Medicine can help many ailments such as :


  • Stress management, Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Obesity & Weight loss
  • Menopause
  • Digestive problems e.g bloating, flatulance, IBS
  • Allergies & intolerences
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Fibro myalgia
  • Immune disorders, colds and flu's
  • Pre-conception and post natal health
  • Lyme Disease & Lyme Disease co-infections
  • Cancer Management & Support


Introducing Myself


My interest for Natural Therapies and Healing started in my early teens when after finding the benefits of yoga and Qi Gong to the human body enticed me to want to learn more. I studied Swedish Massage and worked for myself as a Massage Therapist. My passion for health and well-being led me to complete 7 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine Studies at the Australian College of Natural Medicine. This Bachelor of Health Science incorporated Acupuncture, Oriental Massage, Chinese Medicinal Herbs and Chinese Dietetics and Nutrition. I spent 5 months in China for my internship at Guangxi Hospital in Naning gaining a real insight into an amazing culture and  traditional medicine.


Since then I have visited China many more times ( Including one whole year with my wife & 2 children) for research and to further my experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


I am currently completing my Masters in Chinese Medicine.


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